Become a Hair Model

Be a model for the Yan Academy

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In need of a restyle or colour change? 

Whether you’re male,female a teenager or older we are looking for all models willing to have all types of haircuts and colour from classic styles to the latest fashion trends. All our work is carried out or supervised¬† by our qualified stylists or educators

You must be prepared for your appointment to last up to 2 hours for cut & finish, up to 4 hours for colour and finish.

Haircuts Colour
Team members will evaluate your hair's condition, length and texture to determine if it is appropriate for the colour, cut or styles we offer and whether or not the techniques and tools we use are suitable for your hair type. We do our best to ensure that our team members are able to appropriately practice the techniques on attending model clients, and that our models receive a style suitable for them. It is our goal that both students and model walk away from the experience happy.

Only appropriate models will be contacted.