What inspired you to become a stylist?

iIt was my mum and myself.

What inspires you now?

Celebrity hair stylists and the top stylists I work with at Yan Hair.

Do your remember your first haircut? What was it like?i

It was a long bob making it easy to style and put up! Also it was all in fashion.

Do you remember the first haircut you gave someone else? What was it?

Short layers in training.

What is it about being a stylist makes you enjoy the job?

Meeting new people, being creative and being hands on.

What’s your all time favourite hairstyle?

I like hair that has been waved.

Apart from Yan, which industry icon would you most like to work with?

Toni & Guy or Vidal Sassoon salons, I’ve always been inspired by Vidal Sassoon and would be amazing to work in one of his salons.

Who is your favourite style icon of all time?

Marilyn Monroe, she’s inspired so many people.

Which hair related product could you simply not live without?

Damage Remedy Masque it gives my hair exactly what it needs. makes it feel soft and weightless.

How do you like to  unwind away from the salon?

Going for walks or meeting up with friends.