What inspired you to become a stylist?

My older brother’s friends were hairdressers and they always looked cool hanging out in all the right places and having lots of fun.

What inspires you now?

Team GB and especially the Paralympians — all of them… If I could achieve a fraction of what they have I would be very happy

Do your remember your first haircut? What was it like?

My dad’s untrained bowl No.3

Do you remember the first haircut you gave someone else? What was it?

It was my cousin Marco in my bedroom while reading a book on how to cut hair.

What is it about being a stylist makes you enjoy the job?

The creativity. It allows me to change and make people look totally different from when they came in.

What’s your all time favourite hairstyle?

Gents: “The Flick” from the 1980’s, I never could have it (I had curly hair). Ladies: “The Urchin” from the 1970s was reborn in the 1990s and again today.

Apart from Yan yourself, which industry icon would you most like to work with?

Trevor Sorbie inspired me as a young trainee in the early eighties. Later Robert Lobetta and an Italian stylist called Aldo Coppola amazed me with their fantasy hair collections… Pure art.

Who is your hairstyle hero?

Madonna — her hair has been changing from the day she became famous… You’re never too old to look good.

Which hair related product could you simply not live without?

Aveda Phemollient Mousse, loved it 20 years ago, love it now!