What inspired you to become a stylist?

Watching my mum as a child, I’ve always had a flare/interest in hair.

What inspires you now?

I’m inspired by catwalk fashion, music and the seasons.

Do your remember your first haircut you received? What was it?

Not as a child but being a teenager I had to have the latest layered haircut with short spiky layers. Embarrasing.

Do you remember the first haircut you gave someone else? What was it?

Yes! A one length cut that took me about 2 hours just to cut! OMG!

Whose hair would you most like to style? What would you do?

Jessie J — whatever the trend is at the time because she would so pull it off

What is it about being a stylist makes you enjoy the job?

Making people look cool and feel fantastic and 100 times better sometimes!

What’s your all time favourite hairstyle

A big curly Afro! Would love one.

Apart from Yan, which industry icon would you most like to work with

Leo Bancroft is HOT! I went on a course of his; he became very successful and does rich footballers’ hair.

Who is your hairstyle hero?

Fern Cotton! She is always on trend in subtle ways, pulls off every style she has and is very inspiring to others with her hair an clothing!

Who is your favourite style icon today?

Fern Cotton and Jessie J, they both try major different things even before they’re on trend, bring avant-garde into everyday styling and totally look amazing!

What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever seen on someone famous?

Tulisa with blonde hair looked tacky. I couldn’t leave a client like that!

Which hair related product could you simply not live without?

Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep, its amazing. I literally use it on my clients. I cant help but spray and spray it. It gives such a full look but in a natural way! LOVE IT. Purchase!

How do you like to unwind away from the salon?

Shop, shop, shop! In Topshop and I customise clothes with studs!!!

Which three celebrities would you like to invite to your next dinner party?

Jessie J, Joey Essex and Reggie Yates